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Luminous NXG 1850 1500VA Solar Inverter IPS




Luminous NXG 1850 Full Specification

Model ✅ NXG 1850
Brand Luminous
Item Solar IPS

Luminous NXG 1850 Extra Features

  • Protection against
  • Provides long-running energy
  • Easy to use & operate
  • Made of high-standard material
  • Display that shows necessary information about power capacity & others

Luminous NXG 1850 Price

This Luminous NXG 1850 is a solar inverter technical IPS that comes with a 1500VA inverter capacity. It can automatically generate power from the solar system & store energy to provide voltage while load-shedding occurs. Also, it has the capability to run 7 fans, 8 lights & 1 television.

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