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Luminous Shakti Charge+ 1150 900VA IPS / UPS


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Luminous Shakti Charge+ 1150 Full Specification

Model ✅ Shakti Charge+ 1150
Brand Luminous
Item IPS
IPS Type Electric
Inverter Capacity (VA) 900VA
Inverter Rated Power (Watt) 720-Watt
Inverter Frequency 50Hz +/-1
Battery Included Not Included
Battery Capacity 80h to 220Ah supported
Overloading Protection Yes
Overcharging Protection Yes
Short Circuit Protection Yes
Sinewave No, Square Wave
Display No
Input Voltage AC 110V to 28j0V at 50Hz

Luminous Shakti Charge+ 1150 Extra Features

  • Charges battery with full current even at 95-volt
  • In-built battery gravity builder
  • 3-modes battery charger
  • Powerful charger
  • The dual charging current option depends on the connected battery capacity
  • Compatible with at a time
  • No online availability
  • The maximum charging current is 16 Amperes
  • VA rating load calculator is 8,50,900
  • Package included
  • Dimension is 40.2 x 32 x 13.2 cm
  • Net weight is 10.8 Kg

Luminous Shakti Charge+

 Luminous shakti charge+ 1150 900VA IPS / UPS compatible with LED TV 40″, three 9W LED bulbs, two 18-watt LED tub lights, three standard fans, and a 250-liter fridge. This IPS is suitable for 80h to 220Ah battery and charges in 3 modes. It is a square wave type IPS / UPS.

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