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Microtek 1025VA 872 Watt inverter Home IPS




Full Specification

IPS Type Electric
Inverter Capacity (VA) 1025VA
Inverter Rated Power (Watt) 872 Watt
Inverter Frequency 0.7
Battery Included 1
Battery Capacity 200AH
Overloading Protection Yes
Overcharging Protection Yes
Short Circuit Protection Yes

Extra Features

  • Dual Mode: Online UPS (IPS cum UPS)
  • Wave Form: Pure Sine Wave
  • Input Voltage: 100V AC–295V AC
  • output Voltage: 220+
  • Zero power switching
  • Industri lowest watt loss EI core
  • Digi fuzzi logic charging
  • High and standard charging option
  • UPS and inverter mode
  • Compatible with all battery type
  • Micro controller based intelligent control design
  • LED display Indications for UPS status and fault
  • CCCV technology with auto trickle mode
  • Smart overload sense and short circuit protection
  • Battery state monitoring
  • Multi-stage battery charger
  • Mains input voltage range slide selection switch
  • Battery slide selection switch (Local / Flat / Tubular)

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